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This is just a group shot after our long Photoshoot.

This is just a group shot after our long Photoshoot.

sounderrated asked: for the anon who said anyone can take a "nice photo" well you are an idiot.. is this kind of thoughts that demoralizes the art industry. No, not anyone can make art. no not anyone can take" nice photos" photography as an art is more than a pretty picture. is communication, is evoking feelings. as an art student and advertisement student i can say there is a lot to learn before you can consider yourself a photographer. is hard, is really hard. so i mean.. just don't be a dick men

The anon is someone who is threatened by my work. This anon is probably the same person who reported my photos on FB. I live in a smaller city outside Vancouver bc. So the photography community is small and closed minded. Very few female photographers, let alone male photographers work as much as I do, in Vernon and outside.
I take “haters” as a good thing. Must mean im doing something right, to piss off someone who is obviously not achieving what they want.

I dont think going to school made me a “Photographer”, I think it showed me to think more about the photos I am taking. Everyone is different, and I love art, in all forms.

I hope that anon feels better about him/herself.

Anonymous asked: wat makes you a "professional". any chump can pick up a camera and take a nice photo

Well first off, it’s WHAT not WAT. And secondly, I suppose I’ll answer your strangely angry question, anon.
I am a Professional Photographer, because I went to school and earned my PROFESSIONAL ARTS DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY, and because I F-ing say so. Whether you like it or not. I’m sure you tell yourself that you are a good person.. See my logic on that one.
Everyone is a photographer, and I think thats a positive.

Now get a life and spread some love.